Easy As Pie!

Everyone will see the value, convenience and quality of pizza at JJ's Pizza 2.  Pizza is America's favorite food.  Your organization will be selling a certificate valued at a 12" one topping pizza.  You're simply asking them to purchase something they already do !

How To Make Some Dough

  1. Register Organization
  2. Set Selling Dates and Price
  3. Distribute Order Forms
  4. Tally Number of Certificates Needed
  5. Order Certificates, Schedule a Pick-Up-Date


How does your program work?

Your organization will be selling certificates valid for a 12" One Topping Pizza from JJ's Pizza 2.  The certificates are purchased from our office for $5.00 and sold for whatever selling price you set.  Most organizations sell them for $6.50 to $10.00.


What kind of profit should our group expect?

Your group will purchase the certificate from JJ's Pizza 2 for $5.00.  Your group will set your own selling price, so anything over $5.00 is your PROFIT !


Does my organization need to purchase anything up front?

No, JJ's Pizza 2 supplies all the materials for this "FUN Raiser".


When should we collect the money from customers?

Collect the money for each pizza certificate as soon as order is placed.


 How will JJ’s Pizza 2 know when we need our certificates?

Once you're finished with your "FUN"raiser, calculate how many certificates were sold for your group.  Call (920) 263-8493 to place your order!


What form of payment does JJ’s Pizza 2 "Fun" Raiser accept?

We accept Organization Checks, Money Orders or Cashier's Check made payable to "JJ's Pizza 2", Cash or Credit Cards.


How will the certificates be delivered to us?

You have a choice:

  • MAIL - Once the monies have been received, certificates will be sent to the address provided unless otherwise states.
  • PICK UP - Someone from your group can pick up the certificates at our location.











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